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Thank you for considering Lester & Hyldahl, your local Bellingham law firm. Our mission is to provide compassionate, high-quality, affordable legal services in our community. Our experienced team of attorneys and paralegals are ready to assist you. We offer free consultations on most types of cases.

Everybody needs help sometimes. We're here to help you.

Our team of experienced attorneys and paralegals has been helping clients find their way through difficult times for over fifteen years. We listen. We answer your questions. We understand that our job is to provide the information you need to work through your legal problem.

Together we can find your best options.

There are several factors to consider when choosing an attorney. Does the attorney understand what you are saying? Does the attorney explain the issues so you can understand your options? Is the attorney well-versed in the areas of law needed to serve you? Is the attorney well-respected by the legal community? Does the attorney make you feel comfortable? Call and schedule a free consultation to find out if we can help you find the best path through your tough times.

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